Bathroom Demo Main Floor

OMG  The bathroom was ugly to begin with. From the nasty plastic behind the tub, to the brown faux wood on the bottom half, but at least, it had a new ceiling, and fresh flooring. The slum lords family, who live out of state, hired one of the previous owners friends.  It was his job to get the house ready to sell. This friend also has rentals.

We started with the walls. The more we pealed back, the worse it got. There were four layers of moldy sheet rock and plaster. Evidently, when the bathroom above had a leak, (which was evidently often) the owner just slapped new sheet rock on top. Also the bathroom never had proper ventilation.  We removed part of the (new) ceiling so that a ventilation system could be installed. I assumed that the new ceiling had been installed properly. Sadly, no. The friend (which I will call slum lord #2) just put new sheet rock on top of a layer of moldy lath and plaster and a layer of sheet rock. It had to stripped all the way back to the beams. Before it can be put back together, all the leaks from above need to be dealt with.

I’ve decided to replace the original door with a barn door.  The inside swing just took up too much floor space. Now I’ll be able to put in a proper vanity. The door frame had to be altered. Because of this, I pealed back some of the new flooring. Guess what, more stinking mold. #2 had done the same to the floor as the ceiling. Just slapped new floor on old moldy flooring. The bathroom is now gutted. I originally planned to keep the bathtub, but decided to replace it. Now I have to deal with what is above.

IMG_0213 BeforeIMG_0222Before


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