2017 tourist season winding down 

It was my intention to blog on a regular basis. Fortunately I had a great busy tourist season with lots of wonderful memoriful  guests. Unfortunately, I got bogged down renovating my last suite. It took much longer than expected, but the results are fantastic. I will post that suite soon.

In today’s blog, I will give you a small snapshot of who Amie St. Jean is. I have lots more interests and hobbies than time. One of my pleasures is gardening. While I have a small back yard, I do most of my garden next door in what I call my Fairy Gaden. I am including pics of yesterday’s harvest. 

Being from California, I had to relearn gardening. Things grow differently in South Dakota. There have been several happy discoveries. One being how well grapes grow here. This is my second year of harvesting. This is a small amount of what my vines produced. This year (each is different) I have lots of jalapeños and egg plants. No luck with zucchini, which is unusual. My Roma tomatos are just starting to get ripe. There will be blogs about what I do with the produce. 

Until then

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The Journey Begins

This is my first blog since I opened my B&B three years ago, so this will just be an introduction to what I plan to write and video. I will basically be sharing what I do from day to day. Sounds boring right? It can be at times. I’ll try to leave that part out and highlight what I really enjoy doing. I am a foodie, so I do enjoy cooking. Cooking for a bed and breakfast can be challenging at times. My guest size often determines what I plan to cook. It can be one person up to eight people. There is also the different dietary challenges as well. I plan to share recipes and demos of my meal preparations. Because I am a foodie, I also love to play in the garden. My favorite is my herb garden. I started growing herbs for flavor, but I’ve begun studying the different nutritional and healing benefits  I plan to share that with you as well.

My Bed and Breakfast is in a house that’s almost 100 years old. I’ve done extensive renovating, and decorating. So that will also be included in my blog. Most of my house is furnished and decorated with antiques. Being surrounded with so many old things, I’ve turned into a bit of a history geek. I know what you must be thinking, “oh no, not history lessons”. I will assure you, I won’t be boring. This area is so rich in history, it’s contagious. Come on, were talking Gold Rush, hero’s and villeins, cowboys and Indians. That’s just the beginning.

The part I’m most excited about is my “field trips” into the Black Hills. I can’t be a hermit in this big old house all the time. I can’t explain the feel of the Black Hills. There is such a great positive energy. Of course there are the places every one knows, Mt.Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Custer Park. While I do plan to show those, I will also take you to some of the caves, Bear Country, and a lot of our hidden gems, such as Needles Highway and Spear Fish Canyon. The list goes on and on. Most of these areas I’ve been to many times and enjoy them each time. I hope this blog will take me out of my comfort zone to explore new places I’ve been planning to visit, but just haven’t gotten around to doing.

OK now I’ve opened this can of worms, I’m obligated, but also excited to be talking to you on a regular basis.




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