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Yikes, it’s been months since my last blog. Excuses, ahh?, tourist season, house reno, the call of the Black Hills. To be honest, the stress of the reno next door had me in a bit of a funk. Now I’m back to the old me. But even in my funk, progress was made on the project. When I last reported on the “House I didn’t Want to Buy” we were working on the main floor. Since then we moved our work upstairs because “water flows to the lowest level.” There were so many leaks from the upper bathroom. I was convinced (by others) that we had to start at the top. But before we moved up, the lower bathroom was totally gutted and all mold removed.

I tried to avoid the upstairs unit because it needs so much more work than the main level. That bathroom was also moldy, and just plain nasty. Also, the plaster is literally crumbling off the walls in most of the rooms, including the stairwell. Since my last blog much of that plaster has been knocked and sheet rock hung. Best of all, except for some minor touches, that bathroom is complete. We are also well into the kitchen reno. I promise to post pictures next week. I will now be blogging on a regular basis.

But first my exciting news. Since the concept of  the B&B, I had planned to open a store in my basement. Last year, I got a pretty good start, but was waylaid with the purchase of “The House I didn’t Want To Buy”. Recently, I have been invited to join the “Younique Finds” family. Younique Finds is a store on Mt. Rushmore Road that I frequented quite often, and have gotten to know the owner. Long story short, she is expanding upstairs and offered me one of the rooms to sell my treasures. I’m excited. While I still plan to open my basement store eventually,  I’m thankful to Jen for the opportunity to expedite that plan. Now I have a good excuse to GO SHOPPING.

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