The House I Didn’t Want To Buy

The house next door to my B&B has always been a problem. The owner lived on the main floor, and rented out the upper unit. He owned several other properties in town, basically he was a slum lord, also a hoarder. The property was always an eye sore. Because the rental was poorly maintained, the renters were always a problem. They entered next to my house. It was always an embarrassment to my B&B. There was a time that house was on my vision board, but as years passed I had changed my mind.
Last year the owner passed away. I was approached by his family asking me if I wanted to buy it. At first I told them no, but by the time they left, I convinced myself that I did. I was afraid that if anyone else bought it, and rented it as is, my problems would continue. I can’t tell you how many times I changed my mind until I actually signed the purchase agreement. My son and nephew kept convincing me that I couldn’t take a chance. Also, I own the house on the other side of my B&B. That gives me the whole end cap of this block.
The house needs so much work. Stay with me through my journey as I turn this eye sore into the beauty she truly is underneath.

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