Took A Much Needed Break

All work, no play…. This post isn’t about the reno, or the B&B. My cargo van, Daisy and I took a trip to Austin TX to visit family. Had a great time visiting my kids, but the true reason for the trip was to see the next generation (grandchildren).

The first leg was with my daughter Kimberley. We had “girls day” with Lilah.

Also watched her hunt eggs at school.

Next was to my son Sean’s house. It’s a beautiful house in a great country like setting. I loved the sounds, but what I love best is …

RYAN. Just look at that face. What a joy. Loved the cuddles but I really enjoyed watching him play. He has such an active mind.

I got home yesterday. This is what greeted me.

Also, weeds, lawn needs to be mowed, spring cleaning before tourist season, oh and the reno. Better get to work.

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